Back from Maternity leave and ready for Senior season! :) | Indianapolis area photographer

I am officially off of maternity leave and ready for the senior season. Seniors, you need to book now in order to be guaranteed a session! My weekend appointments for late summer and fall fill VERY quickly.

I do have some photos to share from my time off, as I ended up making time for a few important photo opportunities

First, my sister's wedding reception :)

Then my sweet little 2nd cousin was born ... Baby Gavin

Then my mom got remarried ...

and then right before I ended my maternity leave (HA HA) I photographed both the Bandits Baseball and Lady Bandit's softball teams...

Presenting Mr and Mrs Thompson :)

I did my first wedding ever today. It was for my little sister. But not only was I the photographer, I was a bridesmaid too. lol I am exhausted and going to bed, but I promised an image or two before the night was over, sooooo here is the church and the happy couple! I will have lots of sneak peaks over the next couple of days I'm sure. I have so many photos I don't even know where to begin.
Thanks for giving me the chance to do this little sis!

More wedding photos

I can't believe I'm still working on details and haven't even gotten to the ceremony yet.

lots more wedding photos!