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The best ways to prepare for your newborn session with Shawna Marie Photography

1. When you fill out your Newborn information and contract form, tell me all the things about what you like? Tell me what professions the parents are in, colors you love for newborn photos, fun hobbies baby's parents are involved in, what kind of things are important to you? Does mom love to shop? Love wine? Love Starbucks? Do you have a favorite flower? Is your baby a rainbow baby? Let me know it ALL and we will make your session custom and very special!  

2. We want baby to sleep as much as possible during the session. If you are able to play with and keep baby awake for an hour or 2 before your session, that is super helpful. It's not always possible, so don't make it stressful, but give it a try!

3. Bring a pacifier even if baby doesn't take one! You wouldn't believe how many parents have told me their baby won't take a pacifier, only to have them sucking away at it during their newborn shoot. You won't create a habit just using it this one time, nor hurt their latch. It really just helps them settle and self soothe during a session. We can usually get much more variety and cooperation with just a few sucks on the paci! 

4. If you're nursing, try not to eat gassy foods the day before the session, beans, cabbage or things that make you personally gassy. These pass through babies milk and they can be uncomfortable and cranky for their session. 

5. RELAX! It doesn't help anyone to get stressed for the photo session. Take your time getting ready, if you're a few min late it's totally fine! Don't worry if baby comes in fussing. I got this! Just sit back on the sofa, help yourself to a snack and a drink and enjoy the time when someone else is tending to the little one. 

Now, if you're ready for a fun, creative, relaxing newborn session, get in touch! You can call or text Shawna directly at 317-319-6045 or you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ! I'm so excited to plan your newborn session with you!

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