Did my cousin's senior pictures in MI last weekend...

Isn't she gorgeous? We had a great time and it was nice shooting somewhere I hadn't been before!

Maternity Session!

I had the pleasure of shooting my husband's cousin's pregnant wife and her 3 yr old daughter last week. Here are a few from their session! Can't wait to do the newborn pics! :)

Just a couple more of my little man...

he did this pose all on his own. lol.

And even though the little guy didn't have new school clothes....

He still posed wonderfully for me! He's growing up so fast! Someone slow him down!

Trying out a new location

Hubby has been asking for some new wallets of the kids, so I bribed them with the fact that they could wear some of their new school clothes if they'd pose for me! hah! Whatever works, right? ;)
I've been wanting to use this location for awhile, but hadn't made the time to get back there. Made for some beautiful pics but the mosquitos and weeds and cobwebs were kinda icky! We survived and as long as I get someone brave enough, I'll DEFINITELY use it again!

A new sports composite

Father's Day

Sent his to hubby for Father's Day! Click to see it larger.


Become a fan of Shawna Marie Photography

Shawna Marie Photography is now on Facebook! Become a fan and enjoy special promotions and discounts only for my facebook fans! Also feel free to tag any photos of you to yourself so that friends and family can check them out too! Have added some older photos, but not from every session. I will start adding a couple from every session from now on. Enjoy! And thanks in advance :)


We did a little mini session the other day. Here are a couple of them :)

Showing a little late... Mother's Day Photos

We did these for Mother's day for my mom. Was holding off on putting them on the blog till after the big day, then forgot! So here are a few of the ones we gave her.

my 3 kids

The after session ice cream... must bribe this many kids for cooperation;) haha

We ordered this one in a 20x24 Canvas. It's gorgeous! I wanted to keep it when it came in!

Is this not the sweetest thing ever? I wish I had more places to hang photos in my house. I'd have this one HUGE.

More Kenzie

A few more from Kenzie's mini session

First 2010 Senior ...

Went out today to do a mini session for 2010 rep cards! Here's a sneak peek for Kenzie. Will have more later!

Class of 2010... it's time to start thinking about Senior pictures!

I am looking for reps for the different local schools right now. If you are fun and outgoing and think you have what it takes to be a senior model email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a bit about yourself and a photo! My reps can earn free photo sessions, wallets and other fun merchandise. The more referrals, the more free stuff! Must be able to bring in at least 3 other seniors to earn free session!
I am ready to start mini sessions for ad cards, so apply asap!

Gift from God :)

Beautiful isn't she ? :)


Title says it all...

Riley's red wagon...

I think it's so cool that they have these... Grace got to go for a ride while I was there. Here are a few of the pics I got before she got going.

A mix of a few sessions in one post

So I've been back and forth between 3 sessions trying to get a little something for everyone and slowly but surely I am finishing them up! Here are a couple more teasers from each of them...

My latest Newborn...

The wedding...

and last but not least... my most recent Hero:)

BABY A sneak peek

Had a newborn session this afternoon so before I get back to wedding pics, I wanted to put up a sneak peek! She was such a sweet baby and SO cooperative! I had a lot of fun and can't wait to edit the rest of her pictures:)

Prayers and Pink Power!

Remember my 1st Little Hero, Aleigha ? I posted back in Nov that she was NED... well, Aleigha's family is asking for everyone's prayers right now because they are worried that the cancer may be back. They are waiting on scans to be read right now, so if you could keep them in your prayers, that would be awesome! For more complete information, visit Aleigha's Site .

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