BABY A sneak peek

Had a newborn session this afternoon so before I get back to wedding pics, I wanted to put up a sneak peek! She was such a sweet baby and SO cooperative! I had a lot of fun and can't wait to edit the rest of her pictures:)

Prayers and Pink Power!

Remember my 1st Little Hero, Aleigha ? I posted back in Nov that she was NED... well, Aleigha's family is asking for everyone's prayers right now because they are worried that the cancer may be back. They are waiting on scans to be read right now, so if you could keep them in your prayers, that would be awesome! For more complete information, visit Aleigha's Site .

Moments like these...

Does it get any better than this ?

lots more wedding photos!

More wedding photos

I can't believe I'm still working on details and haven't even gotten to the ceremony yet.

More Grace!

So of course I couldn't keep everyone waiting too long for something else. But I'm warning you, this is just the beginning. There are many more to come :)
Btw, if you'd like to learn more about Grace and her family, you can find their blog here.
Doing these sessions is such a blessing for me. I know the families think I'm the one doing the giving, but I don't think any of them realize how much each session impacts MY life, and how much they give to me... letting me meet and interact with their heroes. Such an amazing gift.
So Thank you! :)

I am so in love with this one. Isn't she beautiful?

I know this is a little snapshotty and not wonderfully composed, but I had to show it. Such a fun family:)

filling out the paperwork

More of my sister's wedding

Here are a few more, including my own little princess who was a Jr. Bridesmaid :)

Meet Grace ~Littlest Hero~

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Grace and her wonderful family at Riley Hospital.
Grace has CHD and had open heart surgery on Thursday this week. Her family wanted me to take a photojournalistic approach to her photos to capture her time recovering. I had a lot of fun up there today. Grace is an absolute doll. I promised a sneak peek tonight, and while it's a bit late, it's finally here! The entire time I was doing these I could just see them in an airy black and white like this top one, but while I was processing, the color in this one really jumped out at me. I love them both. Can't wait to edit more (after I work on some wedding photos! lol)
Grace will definitely be taking up some blog space in the coming days. I can't wait to share more:) Till then... here she is:)

Presenting Mr and Mrs Thompson :)

I did my first wedding ever today. It was for my little sister. But not only was I the photographer, I was a bridesmaid too. lol I am exhausted and going to bed, but I promised an image or two before the night was over, sooooo here is the church and the happy couple! I will have lots of sneak peaks over the next couple of days I'm sure. I have so many photos I don't even know where to begin.
Thanks for giving me the chance to do this little sis!

New camera and a nice warm day...

Was a beautiful day yesterday, so I had to drag one of the kiddies out to play with my new camera! He was just as excited to be outside as I was, and NOT in the mood to sit for photos.
Love this one though:)

March is Last minute 2009 Senior special month!

Are you graduationg this year? Didn't do senior pics yet? It's not too late! 2009 seniors only, book and pay for a session in the month of March and get 25% off your session and a set of wallets free!
Session does not have to be in March. It just needs to be booked and paid for in March.

Valentine cards...

Ok, so I didn't make cards for the baby, and HE picked out what he was wearing for the pics. lol. He just saw big bub and sis getting pics done and he needed some too.

He loves his boots and his hat. Wears them around the house like this often!

this was after watching Hunter lay on his stomach. Too funny. He's such a clown.

And here are the cards we are doing. The reason there is selective focus on their hands like that is because we are going to cut a little slit at the top and bottom of their hands and insert a sucker so it will be like they are handing a sucker out of their cards... These will be made on 4x6 linen postcards. The backsides have the same pattern as the design on the front and just a TO: and FROM: line with their names and then my photography info at the bottom.
Click the photos to see larger.

February's Deal of the month

Keeping with February's Valentine theme... Book a Boudoir session in Feb and get Your session 50% off. Session can be scheduled for anytime in 2009. It just must be booked and paid for in February.
Can be done in the privacy of your own bedroom, or you can get a few friends together and rent a hotel room. Session fee is per person.

Only a few days left to snag January's deal as well!

Christmas Cards

For those of you who didn't get a card, this is what we sent out this year! It was a 5x5 Trifold card. I have it labled on here which picture was where. Just picture the middle of the top card as the back and the "front" is folded over the top and the instead flap is folded in under it. Then when you open the card all the way, the "Inside spread" is what you see.
click on the images to make them larger:)

Milk n cookies

I did a quick holiday card session for my SIL this morning. Thought I'd share one of my faves :)

SUPPORT RILEY HOSPITAL and get a Christmas gift for someone on your list :)

Buy the Majic Miracle Music CD Volume 3 and 100% of the proceeds will go to Riley Children's hospital in Indianapolis. The CD insert has a photo that I took awhile back of Aleigha for the Littlest Heroes. I also have a daycare kid who receives treatment at Riley, so it's a charity close to my heart:) You can buy the CD online at or if you are local, I will be selling some of them as well, so let me know and I will hook you up! :)

Aleigha update! Great news:)

If you remember I did a littlest heroes shoot recently for a beautiful little princess named Aleigha. You can read her original story HERE and the rest of it HERE .
I got news recently that Aleigha is considered NED which stands for No Evidence of Disease. She has had her last chemo treatment. Please keep her in your prayers that this is IT and she'll never have to battle with that horrible disease again:)
You can leave well wishes for Aleigha at

A few more of the kids and Jeremy

It sure takes me forever to get my own shoots done! haha.
I am making shirts with this top image on them to wear at his deployment ceremonies and things... and whenever we're missing him:) Each of the kids' has a different picture in the clip (well the boys' is the same). This one is mine. If you click on the image you can see it larger. I don't always allow this on here, but this one definitely needs to be seen bigger :)

Then these are just a few of the kids wearing his dogtags:)

My boys

He's not as emotional, but it's still bothering him

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