Class of 2015 Seniors

It was a great year for us here at Shawna Marie Photography! I had some really great seniors and fun sessions! Here are a few of my absolute faves, as I am pretty sure I didn't get a chance to blog ANY of them. I am so terrible about keeping up here! I keep much more current work at  !

Congrats to all of my 2015 seniors!

I am now booking and currently shooting 2016 seniors. If you want a summer session be sure to book ASAP! June is full, July is almost full and August is starting to book!

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Indiana Newborn Photographer | Meet Payton

I can't get enough of newborn shoots! I have so many I need to add to the blog! Here is little Mr. Payton! He is such a cutie! You just want to pinch his adorable little cheeks :)

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Senior class of 2016! | Have you always wanted to be a model ? |Indiana Senior Photographer

Now's your chance! This year, and THIS YEAR ONLY I will take model applications for my senior model program. After this year, Models will be by invitation only. I am only going to take 10-12 Models this year and I have around 8 people in mind already. I do still need a model from Greenfield, New Pal and Eastern Hancock for sure. Being a model is not free, but you get all this and more!
  • $100 print credit on your senior session if done by a certain date
  • Free family mini session before you graduate and go off to school
  • Extra free sessions at cool places! *Will go over at model meeting*
  • Input on group session ideas
  • Opportunities for assisting jobs that actually pay $
  • The chance to get to know new people from other schools
  • Free T-shirt that models will help design
  • Opportunities to earn points that transfer to Cash$
  • Featured in my senior magazine
  • A personalized App to show off all of your photos
  • prom photos based on availability *must schedule in advance
  • one of your sport/game/school events photographed *You will need to give me your schedule and I will pick the closest location to me based on my availability
If you are interested in this opportunity, send me a text 317-319-6045 or an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will send you an application and more information!


Indiana Senior Photographer | Meet Samantha

Spring senior season got away from me! I haven't had a chance to blog most of my 2014 seniors, and here we are starting 2015 seniors! But that just means it's been a great year ! I didn't want you to miss out on this gorgeous girl! She's a softball player too, so I was right at home and so so so happy to do her softball related shots! Those never get old! Enough talk, these images speak for themselves!

Samantha-6130 copy Samantha-6138 copy Samantha-6183 copy Samantha-6204 copy Samantha-6222 copy Samantha-6281 copy Samantha-6324 copy Samantha-6327 copy Samantha-6345 copy Samantha-6351 copy Samantha-6372 copy

Indiana photographer |Softball

It's that time of year again! Travel softball! I have photographed several teams this season, but this is by far my favorite! Probably because I know these girls. They are my daughter's teammates, and this is one of the most drama free sweet group of girls I know! Love them so much! I would love to add ALL of the photos, but that would be total overload, so I will post a couple of each pose and of course our Team banner and this year's memory mate! Pretty sure it's my favorite Ever! :)  If you are in need of sports photography or if you are a senior who plays sports and needs senior photos, please contact me! My middle senior package includes a visit to one of your games, and I LOVE to include sports photos in your senior session as well!

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CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2014! |Indiana Senior Photographer

I just want to say Congrats to each and every one of you! I am honored that you chose me to help you remember YOU as a senior! Each of you is beautiful inside and out and I can't wait to see where your journey takes you! Don't forget me when that journey brings you new babies! ;) haha!  Here is a little video of each of my seniors that signed a model release ... to those of you who didn't, I wish you the best as well, I just can't share your photos :)

If the video won't play for you, you can see it here as well!

Rachel |Indianapolis Senior Photographer

Had a great session this past fall with Rachel. My make-up artist gave her a fresh and natural look because she doesn't normally wear much make-up.

If you haven't had your senior session yet, no worries, it's not too late! Just give me a call 317-319-6045 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Full Cake Smash Session | Indiana Baby Photographer

This is sweet little Jade:) She just celebrated her first birthday. Watch carefully because there are live and still moments:) Want one of your own? Give me a call! 317-319-6045 or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Baby Benjamin | Greenfield, IN newborn photographer

Meet baby Benjamin. He was born on Halloween, which means we most definitely did get a costume shot, and since Christmas was right around the corner, we were able to get photographs for his first Christmas cards as well. We had a lot of fun, and don't you just love the "Got Milk" pics? He made the cutest little Santa!

[caption id="attachment_764" align="aligncenter" width="754"]The gorgeous new family :) The gorgeous new family :)

Benjamin-7584 copy Benjamin-7588 copy Benjamin-7625copy Benjamin-7650 copy Benjamin-7653 copy Benjamin-7667 copy Benjamin-7680 copy

If you love these photos, make sure you give me a call or email to book your own newborn session!
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Sports composite | Indiana High School Senior Photographer

So when people hire me for their senior photos, they usually want to know what sets me apart. I could answer with a lot of things ... the way I treat my clients, the amount of time I pour into learning new techniques and lighting, the way I pray before every single session for God to help me make this one the best one I've ever done, the passion I have for what I do, the way I don't JUST love taking the photos, but I love opening them up on my computer and creating the perfect masterpiece ... Art. That is what sets me apart. My vision. My art. The colors that pop off the page, the light, the emotion. I'm offering something to my seniors this year that I haven't seen offered in this area. Seniors are typically involved in a lot whether it be sports, drama, choir, band, cheer or other interests like racing or dirt bikes etc. The point is, we can go out and take some amazing portraits, but if you truly want to remember who they were during their senior year, what about some action shots of them doing what they love ? I love my seniors! I would love to come to a game or a performance and capture them in their element, and then you can have a really great piece of art to hang in your home or they can hang in their dorm, or we can do an album... I'm adding a senior session package that includes a visit from me to an activity of their choice. It should be a home game or event unless an away game will put them closer to me, then that is your choice. When it's over I can create something really great for you that will last long after they put their glove down for the last time ...

So what are you waiting for? Email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or give me a call! 317-319-6045 Your senior doesn't want to miss out on this, and neither will you!


Christmas Mini Sessions | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

Want to get some quick, cute and very affordable Christmas pics of the kids while helping others too? For $50 you are going to get a session, 5 digital images with print release drop boxed to you within 48 hours of your session! And, if you bring a new unopened toy for toys for tots, I will throw in 3 extra digital images for free! Also, if you host a "Portrait Party" at my studio, you get your own session free! All you have to do is gather 5 friends, fill up 5 slots in one day, collect their money and get it to me to secure your day and you earn your session!


Thanksgiving Day. My final charity features | Indianapolis Photographer

Today for the final day of my charity features, I am going to share a few things with you.... as you can see, I am involved in several different organizations. I am a part of 2 others that I am currently inactive in. I have my reasons for each, which I will explain ... and I am also going to share my OWN idea. Well, maybe it's not my own, as it came to me while in prayer.

First off is Red Thread Sessions: Red thread is an organization that does photos for adoptive families. I think this is great and important, and if someone eventually comes to me for one of these, I will happily oblige. I haven't stayed really active in this one because I haven't seen a great desire/need for it in our area. Not that no one is adopting, but not a lot of interest in the free session.

Second : NILMDTS otherwise known as Now I lay Me Down to Sleep (where we take photos of babies who are about to pass or who were stillborn so that their parents have something to remember them by) ... This one is very, very  important to me, and I actively served for several years. However, having 4 kids always going here and there and 2 young ones who can't be left alone yet made it extremely difficult. Sometimes you have to just GO right now or you miss the last few minutes of a baby's life... the last few precious seconds that a parent gets to hold their living, breathing newborn baby. You can't miss that. But I couldn't always leave RIGHT NOW.  I spread myself too thin and something had to go FOR NOW. As much as I hated it to be this one, this is the one that I can't say I'm sorry I can't take this one. This is the one you may have to leave in the middle of a ballgame or a bedtime story, so for now I had to become inactive, but when my little ones are a little older, I will definitely go back. It is the most heartwrenching thing I have ever done, but knowing what you are giving those parents makes every tear you cry all the way home 100% worth it. If you are a photographer and you have the time for something like this CHECK THEM OUT! You won't regret it.

Last but not least ... last year was a rough year for our family. We struggled financially, our daughter was diagnosed with a condition we had never heard of, she had brain surgery ... and I just kept praying and asking asking asking every single day for help, for provision for her health and total healing. God came through for us, just as I knew He would and one day I found myself praying and instead of asking, I asked Him what I could do for Him. I asked Him to use me to bless someone else ... and then the idea came to me. I love teenagers. I mean they baffle me at times, and drive me crazy, but I love them and I LOVE doing senior photos. I have such a great time, and I hate that any senior can't have them because they can't afford them. I hate the idea of a teen being teased and bullied all through school. I want to take them out and take amazing photos of them and show them how amazing they are! So each year I will be accepting nominations for teens who can't afford photos, who are or have gone  through something difficult, who are being bullied, teased or feel horrible about themselves... I have the stories sent to me, and there is NO WAY I could choose one winner (and no way I could afford to take them all on, though I wish I could!) so I pray over them, and then draw one out. I know every time, the person who gets this session is the person God intended for me to bless. Again right before graduation I will ask if anyone was unable to get photos and then I will do a day of mini sessions and gift one 8x10 to each kid.   I really want to make the full session BIG. If you or someone you know is interested in donating a Hair and Makeup session, clothing, a clothing allowance, print credits *at cost (I give a CD with the session. There is no cost to the teen ever) anything that  could make the session a big deal, shoot me an email or give me a call! I would love to team up with you on this!

Thank you so much for reading these this week. I am so thankful for every one of these organizations and really want more people to know about all of them! We can't give them if no one realizes they exist:)  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Charity Feature 3 | Magic Hour Foundation

Today's featured charity I donate sessions to is The Magic Hour Foundation  .  Magic Hour donates photo sessions and digital images to individuals and families who are fighting, or have fought cancer.  (From the Magic Hour web page : "We are a national network of professional photographers who want to serve the individuals and families who are fighting cancer by providing them with the ability to celebrate the truly important things in life through photography. These charitable portrait sessions will provide an opportunity to be normal - just relax, smile and have fun with loved ones. Above all, we will strive to express compassion and love as we support them and pray for God’s grace in their lives, no matter the outcome of their battle")  I'm pretty sure there isn't a person out there who hasn't been touched by cancer in some way. I personally have lost grandparents and a cousin to cancer, so when this charity appeared on my Facebook page looking for a Photographer in the Indianapolis area for a breast cancer survivor, it was an easy decision for me to step up and join. I'm very new to this charity, and as of now, she's the only session I have done, and while I wish I didn't have to take anymore, because that would mean there was no one out there suffering this horrible disease, I'm looking forward to being able to donate this service to other families who are going through this. I don't think many know about Magic Hour yet. I hope this creates a little bit more awareness for the foundation, because everyone battling this disease deserves to have a day  off ... a day to just enjoy their family and create special memories.

I am just going to link you to the blog post I already wrote for Amy's Magic Hour session since she's the only one I have had ... Amy's Story .

Thanksgiving Charity Feature 2 | Operation Love Reunited

Today's Featured charity is Operation Love Reunited (or OP LOVE as we call it). If you know me, you know why this one is important to me. Being a military wife, I know how important photos are when your loved one is deployed. Actually, while I have had a love for photography my entire life, my husband's first deployment was the push I needed to go for it. We had 2 small children when he left and I didn't want him to miss any of it. I couldn't imagine missing it myself. I even utilized OP LOVE when he came home from his 2nd tour in Iraq. The reunion photos are some of my absolute favorite to do, but I wanted something that showed my WHOLE family... without me missing. It was a great experience and it made me realized just how important what we do actually is.  You can visit the Op Love site to be paired with a photographer in your area HERE.  We cover sessions of the entire family before your loved one leaves, during R&R, or just those of you left home during the deployment, or homecoming. You can receive 2 of those sessions per deployment ... one of the first 3 options and the homecoming. (Don't miss the homecoming! Those photos are amazing, and it's such a whirlwind!) If you utilize any of the first 3 options, your photos are sent in an album overseas to the deployed soldier, all free of charge to you, then the homecoming photos will be given to you on disk shortly after the session.

Here are a few of my favorite Op Love photos :) Enjoy, and share with anyone you know who could utilize this wonderful organization! :)


Thanksgiving week Charity Features. | Inspiration Through Art

As promised, this week I am going to feature each photography related charity that I actively participate in. The first charity I am featuring is very near and dear to my heart. Inspiration Through Art. Through ITA I am connected with children suffering from a chronic illness. We provide photos free of charge for their families to mark this part of their lives be it, remission, recovery, time for surgery or to preserve their memory for their families when they pass on. Meeting these kids can be gut wrenching, but they are all so amazing, and you walk away with a new connection to some of the strongest kids and families you will ever meet. You can connect with ITA on facebook  here .

ITA goes beyond just photographing these kids. If you are not a photographer, you can still participate in this program. The connection with these children doesn't end with their photos. They can be paired with someone who sends them a birthday box and/or other boxes throughout the year if they are hospitalized or homebound. They also give away mini getaways for nominated families. Donations are always welcome to help keep the program running, if you'd like to help in that way.

I will leave you with a couple of photos from my own ITA photo sessions ... First up ... Aleigha. This little girl has been through so much, but she is always so spunky and cute and with God and Pink, she can do anything! A little princess for sure :)  You can read Aleigha's story HERE . It goes way back. She's been in remission, but right now, she's battling another kind of cancer so keep her in your prayers!

Next up ... Meet Grace. Grace was adopted by this amazing family, and she had several things going on... Graces' parents contacted me when she was going to be at Riley for surgery for her CHD. They wanted this time in their lives documented. They were so great and fun to meet. You can read more about Grace and her family HERE ...

And then, something I wasn't prepared for ... my own daughter was able to benefit from ITA. I chose to be the photographer who did her photos, but I applied because ITA is great about getting those stories out there, and the more we can learn about the different things children can suffer from, the better. My daughter was diagnosed with CHIARI MALFORMATION and went through decompression surgery about 15 months ago. She is doing great now. You can read her story HERE.

Baby Ellerie and big sis Delainey | Indiana Newborn Photographer

I have had the pleasure of working with this family a couple of times. I did Miss Delainey's newborn photos 2 years ago, and they brought her and her newborn baby sis, Ellerie, for photos this time. We did Ellerie's newborn photos and a couple of photos for Delainey's 2 year pictures. They are such adorable little girls. I had a great time with them :)

EllariePaige-3181 copy EllariePaige-3199 copy EllariePaige-3203 copy EllariePaige-3219 copy EllariePaige-3233 copy EllariePaige-3250 EllariePaige-3256 copy EllariePaige-3266 copy

Newborn Cora Jean | Indiana Newborn Photographer

I loved this session. I love all newborn sessions! This little girl was sleepy and easy to shoot. We got to use a lot of different poses and props :) Here are some of my favorites! Don't miss the one where she is peeing down her daddy's arms. lol!

babypartscollage1 corajean-1108 copy corajean-1135 corajean-1157 corajean-1172 corajean-1190 corajean-1217 copy corajean-1244bw

Madison- Greenfield Central Senior Class of 2014 | Indiana Senior Photographer

This has been such a great year for seniors. This is Madison. She went with my 2 day session and we had a blast. Love her different looks!

classof2014-4483 copy classof2014-4528 copy classof2014-4510-2 copy classof2014-4407 copy classof2014-4391 copy classof2014-4386 copy classof2014-4382 copy classof2014-4310 copy classof2014-4306 copy


Aimee's Magic Hour Foundation Session and Story |Breast Cancer awareness

Meet Aimee. Isn't she beautiful? Aimee was my first session with Magic Hour If you are unfamiliar with them, go check them out now! I'll wait :)   ....

It's ironic that I am just ready to blog this session, and it just so happens to be breast cancer awareness month. Or maybe it isn't :)

Aimee showed up to her session a bit nervous, but she totally rocked the session like she was born to do it. I'll show you a few pics from our session, and I will close with Aimee's story in her own words ... I hope that her story leads others to get their mammograms early! I know it's got me thinking ...

Aimee-6342 copy Aimee-6348 copy Aimee-6359 copy Aimee-6384 copy Aimee-6394 copy Aimee-6400 copy Aimee-6409 copy Aimee-6420 copy Aimee-6440 copy

Now ... Aimee's story

July 2012 was just like any other month with the exception of having a free mammogram screening. I had thought about having a mammogram since I was about 34-35 years old since my grandmother had breast cancer about 33 years ago, that resulted in a mastectomy and removal of all your lymph nodes on the left side. I felt like the timing was right and really didn’t think any of it. I would receive a letter once the tech looked at the film. Two days later, I received a phone call, not what I had expected. The film came back with irregular shape and it could be nothing but since I did not have a baseline mammogram the technician wouldn’t know what was normal for me. I went in for a 2nd mammogram along with ultrasound. I walked past the light box and glanced at the first film. I noticed a spore (a star like design) looking white spot on the hanging film. I knew instantly that shape didn’t look anything like the smooth spots which were cysts. It sparked new meaning to the following exams. On my drive home, It hit me even before the results came back that it was Breast Cancer. A had a MRI with dye, needle injections with radioactive material to locate the lymph nodes, ya know the WORKS.
What I had was Invasive Ductile Carcinoma. Stage one. It measured 1.5 x 1.9 cm. (it had been growing for the past 5-8 years)
I had a biopsy that is supposed to be practically painless but in my case, I busted into tears because I instantly felt pain in the middle of the procedure. The doctor performing the procedure said it was not a good sign because “cancer cells” reject or repels the numbing agent that is used to gather tissue samples. He tripled the dose to numb me and then asked for a bigger needle. It wasn’t final yet but being told upfront made me tougher. Three days after the biopsy I received a call that changed everything. The nurse did in fact say it was cancer. My response caught her off guard. I said, “Ok, What do I do now?” I really wasn’t afraid or scared because after seeing it first hand on the film, I had time to adapt and process what I was seeing. I felt strong and positive, for the moment. I had to be strong to get myself through this. We scheduled the surgery for October 5th. That gave us time to run the BRAC1 and BRAC2 tests to investigate if I was a gene carrier for breast cancer. I researched my family tree and I leaned I had relatives who had Ovarian and Uterine Cancer. If I carried the gene then that would give the surgeon and myself the option of an elective mastectomy surgery. The weight of those tests weighed heavily on my whole family’s mind, especially my mother. I had started to prepare for the worst, which losing my hair would not be the end of the world but being reconstructed and healing is a longer process. Having long hair I told myself I could go short and do things that would be out of the norm for me. I would try to see the brighter side of things. Being in constant contact with the lab after 6 weeks we finally got the results back and I didn’t carry the gene but we learned that it was estrogen fed type of cancer. The results were good and what the doctors wanted to hear.

I had more doctor visits and I was scheduled for surgery on October 5th 2012. I have never seen so many doctors in my life. I was anxious for it to be over. Surgery went well. There was a drainage tube in my side, which kept me up for a week until I had it removed. I loathed it and it was no picnic. I missed going to my routine Zumba classes but still kept a positive attitude. Next, after surgery, they sent a sample to a lab to make sure there were clear margins. That means when removing the cancer site the pathologist wants to see good tissue on the outside of the cancer site. Mine came back positive so I would need another surgery to gather more cells around where the cancer took root. November 6th - the appointment for the second surgery. I voted then off to outpatient surgery. The waiting game began again. 5 days later, No need for a third surgery. Thank goodness.

A couple weeks later, I went in for a follow up, and it was good news. I could finally heal. However, I still had Radiation treatments to go through. The party wasn’t over yet. I did try Zumba a couple of times in December, while fun and missed it; Not a good idea. ;)

During my journey, I blogged about my ups and downs on FB . I was an advocate for early detection.
The 4th week of radiation I found out that I had melanoma on my nose and cheek. Therefore, my face was a blistering mess and my chest felt like it had been lit up with gasoline. Great.
Into the top of the 6th week, radiation was a little tougher. I woke up one morning with my skin on fire and the tears just flowed. I just couldn’t make the drive one more day. I still had 6 more visits or so but the burning sensation was just too much. That Wednesday was the only day where I truly had pity for myself. I felt that I had let my guard down. It affected my head. Nevertheless, I had church groups and an army of prayer warriors on my side and I vowed to get myself together and get through this. It’s known that having a peppy attitude and positive outlook makes for a quicker recovery. I was going to prove this to myself. The last 5.5 months was a long journey. I didn’t want to stop now. I finished my radiation and I really couldn’t wait to just rest from all the driving. I started to feel tired, not motivated or determined to get anything done. I knew from other patients that this was the battle. I tried to follow their advice and just laid around and didn’t care. I’m a busy body and I don’t like to be kept still. Well, I rested. Then my old Zumba gal pal picked me up for class one day in March. It was great to be back but I was not feeling it. It’s mid-march and I knew if I didn’t get moving, I wouldn’t get “Me” back. So after a few weeks of just going to one class I bumped it up to 2-3. I had this renewed energy to get in shape. I was exhausted. I went to the hard class…Boot Camp. Two months into classes and I felt like I was getting stronger. I participated in the Komen cure race that my Zumba team built in my honor, and in August, I participated in the Warrior Dash. There was one wall that I couldn’t climb due to my arm weakness but I finished the race. I accomplished many feats and felt like I had a great come back. I walked with my daughter in the color run and I have not stopped Zumba-ing.

I just had my check up and I am in remission up to date. Awesome news. I am on frequent visits with an oncologist, and we are still trying to work out the kinks with medication that agrees with me to cut down the producing of estrogen so I don’t have it come back. I’m looking forward to each new day with a new outlook on life. I am a woman with a mission, and it’s not sitting on the sidelines watching life pass me by.

There are many support groups out there and you have to find the one that fits your needs. I joined Indy SurviverOars- paddle team. It is a dedicated group of breast cancer survivors and supporters that race and practice in a dragon boat on Geist Reservoir. All these women know what you are going through and of all ages and stages of fight.

My doctor told me I could wait until I was 40 to have my first mammogram. At age 35, I should have one a mammogram done or the option to have one but it wasn’t a factor. Now, I urge all my girlfriends and strangers to have a test performed at a young age so when you do reach an mature age the doctors will know what a healthy breast looks like compared to any irregularities they might see in the new film. It’s never too late.

Softball Photos | Indiana Sports Photographer

Did you know I do sports photography? I shoot some for our local paper "The Daily Reporter"  but I also do some team photos and I do game coverage as well! My team photography is a bit more custom than most, so I don't do huge groups like little league. I prefer to do private photos for travel teams. Here is a mix of sports I have done recently!

GCfootball-5040 batzcollageforbanner BATZGIRLS-2976 copy BATZGIRLS-3064 copy batzfirsttourney-2848

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