Class of 2024 Greenfield Central High School Senior | Keegan Schmitt

I had so much fun with my class of 2024 guys this past year! Most of them included hobbies or sports or something important to them, and that is definitely my favorite! Keegan brought his car, which is always fun, and he's also a swimmer, so we had a great time creating some more unique swim images as well! 

First we headed into Downtown Greenfield. Depot Park is a great spot for photos with several options for backgrounds. 

We stayed at Depot Park for the car shots as well. The brick road made a great place for that! 

And we couldn't do car pics without some smoke! I love to add that in when possible. It's fun, and it makes the photos more interesting! 

Then we went to the school swimming pool where we played around with a few new ideas, and I love the way they turned out! 

Keegan was really only doing senior pics for his mom, as most senior guys are, but he did admit to having a little fun at the end! 

What can you dream up for your senior pics? I'd love to help you make it happen! I am now scheduling class of 2024 cap and gowns and class of 2025 Full senior sessions! PLUS, for 2 more weeks or until spots are full, I am accepting class of 2025 VIP team members! This is a really fun and cool senior photo experience! You only get to do senior photos ONE TIME, so why not make it several shoots and an amazing experience! If you'd like to sign up, go to and fill out the app! I'll get back to you ASAP! :) 

Class of 2024 Zionsville High School Senior | Brooke

 I absolutely loved this session with Brooke! She wasn't 100% sure on her outfits, so when she came in for Hair and Makeup, we also looked over what she brought and decided what she would wear in the different spots we were photographing in. Brooke was a little quiet and seemed a little unsure of herself as we started, but she was an amazing model! She is so photogenic and we got the best shots during her shoot! She chose a Fall shoot at Ft. Harrison State Park, which is always one of the best places to go in the Fall. It's absolutely beautiful. Take a look at some of my faves from her session below!  And if you're class of 2025 and haven't decided on senior photos yet, it's time to start thinking about it! I have just started up my class of 2025 VIP team, where you get extra sessions, a chance to make new friends, have lots of fun, gain confidence, make great senior year memories and end up with amazing senior photos! If you want in on this, just go to to sign up! Don't wait too long! Spots are on a first come first serve basis and half of them are full!  Sign ups will close when all spots are taken. 

For more information on your own custom senior session, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I'd love to set up a consultation with you! No obligation to book, just to answer all of your questions! 

Eastern Hancock Class of 2024 Senior VIP | Lindsay

I've been putting this one off ... it's hard to know what to say. This amazing light was put out too soon. Lindsay is no longer with us on this side of Heaven, but she definitely left her mark, and still shines with every single pink sunrise and sunset. Lindsay opted for a simple session on her family farm. She kept telling me she wanted photos with her pig, but she opted not to because it was dirty on the day of the shoot. I actually contacted her before the shoot because there was rain in the forecast and I always want to make sure these girls' and guys' photos are what they want. Lindsay said she wanted to go ahead though, so we did! It worked out really well, it only rained for a few minutes and we were able to take photos inside the barn during that time. She wanted to get some pictures with one of her dogs. She said the other one was too dirty, but he had ideas of his own, he decided he was getting in a photo whether she liked it or not. haha. Peep inside the cab of the truck!  I loved this shot. 

And here are a couple of the photos inside the barn while it was raining

One of my favorite things about Lindsay was her no nonsense attitude. When I got to her place for the session, she was like, my self tanner is all splotchy so I hope you can photoshop that! lol. I got you, Linny!  

She also wanted to get some pictures with her dad's Semi. I loved this! It's always fun to just get unique things that mean something to the person in the photos and their family. 

And a shot of her tattoo along with this remembrance of her cousin, who also passed way too soon. 

Everyone knows I always love the walking/movement shots ... and this country road was the perfect spot for that! 

I was so glad we went ahead despite the rain chance, because the evening sky ended up being gorgeous. 

During her funeral, there was mention of all of the things/clothing etc that Lindsay always had in her car. It made me laugh, because during her session, her mom asked if she had a blanket in there that we could lay out on the ground, and sure enough, she came through! I also loved that she brought this little sign. This is what our group is all about! <3 We also talked a lot about our upcoming trip to Nashville during this shoot. Lindsay was so so excited for that trip! I'm so happy she got to go. Those photos will be blogged at a later time, as this was just meant to be her personal shoot! 

I am doing a feature on Lindsay in this year's magazine and if you would like to write a few words, a memory of her or just something special about her or the friendship you shared with her, please send to me ASAP! Today was the deadline I had put out, but I will take them through the end of the weekend! If you have a photo of the 2 of you together, please send that along with your words! 

Class of 2025, it is now your turn to be on my team! Sign ups are live NOW until all spots are full! Spots are limited! You can fill out the form at  and if you'd like to know more about what being on my team is like, you can see that  at

Class of 2024 Greenfield Central Senior VIP | Taryn

I've known Taryn's family for awhile through my SIL and church and Facebook and I've done a couple of shoots for them in the past. Then last year when I needed an assistant, Taryn helped me out on a shoot, so when she joined my team, I was super excited to get to work with her! My makeup artist was sick the day of her session, so I asked if she wanted to change it or be compensated for that and do her own makeup and she was super chill and fine with doing her own, so we went ahead as planned! Her first location was supposed to be a local gym, but there was a time conflict with our outdoor stuff, so I quickly told them we could get that part in a different day. So we headed to our little downtown area here in Greenfield to start.  

Then we headed to Tuttles for sunflower pictures! 

They always have some cute little props out in their field. Loved the bicycle! 

Taryn's sister came along and helped me with some lighting on this shoot, so we had to grab a sister shot! How cute are they? 

And then her boyfriend met us there to join her in a few shots as well! I love adding the people you love to your shoot! Not the whole thing, because this is about YOU, but it's nice to have a few photos with those who are important to you during this time as well, so YES, you can bring your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend etc for a couple of shots Always! *I'm however, not responsible if you break up before you get your photos back! lol! *

After the sunflowers we headed over to the orchard and grabbed a few more shots of just Taryn and a few more of her and her boyfriend! These were so fun. 

A few days later, we were able to get in the gym to get those few shots she wanted there! I love doing photos in places like this! And I loved that she wanted to do it in a dress and heels! Stuff like that just makes it even more fun! 

Class of 2024, I still have a couple of Spring openings! 

Class of 2025, it is time for you to start thinking about your senior photos as well! I have a VIP team that is super fun, a great way to make new friends, and you get TONS of photos from a few different shoots! We plan a big theme, you get to plan a small theme with a smaller group within our big group, and of course you get your own personal senior session! We also kick off the year with a natural shoot. No makeup, casual dress, just YOURSELF! And all of my team members get a chance to earn a photo shoot in a destination city! We just went to Nashville, TN in November! It's so much fun! You don't want to miss out on this! I can only take a limited amount of kids for this experience though, so you need to sign up quickly! It's first come first serve! I will be emailing out a link tomorrow (FEB 1st, 2024) to anyone on my email list! If you're not on it, send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, school, and email or phone number and you will get the link as well! While my teams have been all girls in the past, it's not because I don't allow guys to join, so guys, you can get in on this too! 

Eastern Hancock High School Senior VIP | Rylee

Rylee started her session with hair and makeup with our in house makeup artist, Amy. After that we headed to Carmel for her session. This was an area I hadn't really shot before, so it was fun to explore some new places! Unfortunately it was insanely windy, but Rylee was a trouper and we just went with it, and it made some great model hair shots! lol. Here are a few from the downtown area.  

Despite the wind, we did get the smoke to cooperate inside the garage. It's always fun to just add a pop of color with it. 

Next, we sought some wind free pics inside the parking garage stairwell... I love spots like this.

The we walked around and found some more cute spots

This shot was just in a little strip in the road. I love making spots like this look like a field just using the right angles.

Then we actually did go to a field ... and Rylee wanted some images with her boyfriend, so we grabbed a couple of those while we were there!

Rylee also added a cheer session on a different day. This is included if you do it the same day, but my VIPs can add stuff on like this at a discounted price and if they already purchased all the digitals it comes with them as well. 

What I forgot to mention is, it was also crazy windy on this day! lol. We are planning to do a cap and gown for Rylee as well, so here's to hoping for one non windy session for this girl! lol

Class of 2024, I still have a few spring openings if you haven't done your photos yet.

Class of 2025, I am just about ready to open sign ups to join my VIP team and I am also already booking regular summer sessions! Even if you are planning to joining my VIP team, you can go ahead and book your session and we will apply the fee to the VIP program fee! If you'd like to get on my email list to be the first to get the sign up link, just DM me on any social media or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and email address and school . You can include phone number as well if you prefer a text! 

Eastern Hancock Class of 2024 Senior VIP | Cami

 Over the last several years I've had a friend who lives about an hour away tell me I was welcome to use her property to photograph on. I knew it was beautiful and that I wanted to, but I knew I had to get just the right client to travel there. When Cami told me what she was looking for for her session, I knew this was the one! She wanted wildflowers and walking on water photos. On the day of her session, she came here for hair and makeup with our in house makeup artist Amy. Then we all headed to my friend's place to shoot! First flowers! My friend had a beautiful wildflower garden that was absolutely perfect for this! 

Then we moved down to her lake and boathouse. The boathouse was SO CUTE. The color was perfect for Cami's outfit! Then we moved on out to the dock and then we put her in the canoe! 

For the walking on water pics, we needed a bit different area, so we went to my friend's neighbor's house. They were so nice to allow us to use their pond for this! We also had a little fun with smoke and got Cami all they way in after those shots! 

Cami is also a cheerleader and a softball player, so we had to go to her school for some of those shots as well! She brought a friend and fellow cheerleader along for a couple of cheer shots together. 

And then softball! It's no secret that softball is one of my favorites, but any sport photos are always some of the most fun! I love to do something extra and fun with you for those shoots! We pulled out smoke and fire for these! 

, The bat toss and walk off is always a fun shot too :)

Class of 2024, I have a few spring spots if you need a full session, or if you'd just like to get in an extreme sport session, we can do that as well!   Class of 2025, it's almost time to sign up for my VIP program! If you're a Junior and you've been dreaming of doing lots of fun things for your senior photos, this is definitely for you! We do a few different shoots, 2 just for you, a small group, a large group AND you can earn a shoot in a destination city! Those who earn it vote on the location! Our last location was Nashville, TN. We had a blast shooting there! If you think you might be interested just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tell me your name, school, email and/or phone number (I won't call, I'll text!) and when sign ups start I'll send you a link! It will have all information so you can decide if it's right for you before you sign up! Spots are limited, so I definitely recommend getting on the list to be the first to know when it's time! 

Class of 2024 Mt. Vernon High School Senior VIP | Addison

 We did Addy's session at one of my favorite locations. She wanted nature and flowers and we got a great mix of backgrounds. Plus, she plays soccer and tennis, and while she didn't want to use her school facilities for those photos, she did want to incorporate them, so we did that as well! I love the way these turned out! 

Next we moved around the place to find some new spots. Addy and her mom had checked this out ahead of time, so there were a couple of places they knew they wanted, like these pretty flowers! I am missing that summer vibe like crazy right now! Winter just is NOT IT for me! 

Everyone always thinks this piece of art is cool, but it's not always easy to make into a nice pic. Addy's outfit complimented it nicely and we found a way to use it that looked great! 

Then we moved on into some areas that I knew of to get some move variety in her shoot! 

As many times as I've shot at this place, I never ventured down far enough to realize there was a place she could get in the water. Addy's Aunt, who accompanied us on this shoot, guided us down to this area! I always love getting ya'll in the water! lol

During the shoot, Addy's mom mentioned how she always sees Addy in more athletic clothes and with her hair in a ponytail. She wanted something to remember that. While she mentioned that it wasn't something I needed to share, this girl looked stunning no matter what we did and I absolutely love this photo, so I definitely wanted to share! We can always change up your look during your shoot! In fact, for small extra fee we can bring our makeup artist with us to change makeup too! 

So, Juniors, its time to start thinking about what you want to do for your senior photos! I'd love to sit down with you and help you plan your special day! Consultations are always an option here! I am currently booking spring/summer and Fall for the class of 2024 and 2025! It's also almost time for VIP Sign ups! My VIPS get several extra shoots, including the opportunity to travel to a destination city for one of them! If you would like more into on this, click on the senior experience tab on my weblsite and be sure to send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, email, school and phone number and I will be sure you are one of the first to get the sign up link when it's time! This matters because it's first come first serve and spots are limited!  

Class of 2024 Greenfield Central Senior VIP | Audrey

Audrey's session was a lot of fun! She chose to use her own back yard and her Grandma's back yard and a neighbor's property as well. I love these kind of sessions because everything I do at them is so unique to that person! 

Audrey loves to read, so we had to incorporate that as well! 

I loved this series of walking and spinning as well. Its always fun to incorporate some movement into your photos for a fun, carefree natural look! 

Audrey also works with the therapy dogs, so she invited them to come along to her session as well! So much fun! 

We were hoping to get some sunset photos at this location, but the smoke from fires in Canada had different ideas. There was so much haze, but at least I was able to pull a little color out! 

Class of 2025, are you thinking about your senior photos yet? It's time to start! I'm booking class of 2025 now, and if you're interested in joining my VIP team, I will be opening sign ups at the beginning of February! You want to make sure you don't miss it, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, school and grad year and email or phone number so I can send you the link when it's time! If you just want to book your senior session, you can also email or call/text 317-319-6045

Class of 2024 Greenfield Central Senior VIP | Bella

Bella's session was so much fun! We had to do it in 2 parts because the theater wasn't quite ready when we did her main session, but I'll always make exceptions like that for my VIPs! Bella really wanted a wildflower field for her senior photos, so after much searching between both of us, she came up with one! It ended up being a great location! I think I forgot to mention this in my last couple of blogs, so I'll have to go fix that, but first Bella came here and had her makeup done by our amazing makeup artist, Amy! Then from there we headed to her location! 

Bella also brought her dog along to get some shots with her! You are always welcome to bring a pet along to get photos with! Just make sure you have someone with you to handle them while we're shooting without them! 

Her pup even smiled for the camera :) 

While at the flower fields, we did find some other areas to shoot as well! This bridge was great! And I LOVE her outfit here! 

Bella was a cheerleader up until this year when she decided to pursue other things, but she wanted to commemorate that time in her life as well since it was such a big part of it! 

And then she wanted to grab a photo with mom! I love when they do this! Your momma is so important! Definitely grab a shot with her, you'll treasure it forever! 

As I mentioned earlier, we also did theater photos with Bella. We had to do this a few months later as the theater was getting redone at the time of her session, but it was WELL WORTH THE WAIT! This was by far my favorite part ... I just love stuff like this, and Bella was made for this shoot! She has such a fun personality! I threw a red gel on my backlight to really bring out the theater atmosphere! It was so perfect! 

I probably should have blogged the theater pics separately lol. It's so hard to choose! I definitely have a few more to add... we even played with fire a little at this shoot! Loved her idea of using it with this! 

What is your passion? I'd love to help you showcase it!  Class of 2025, signups for my next team will be in February! If you want an amazing senior photo experience, you should definitely sign up! You can learn more at 

Class of 2024 Mt. Vernon High School Senior VIP Savannah

Savannah is also on my class of 2024 VIP team. She chose to have her photos all in one area, but she had an amazing variety in outfits to keep all of the photos fresh and gorgeous! I'm going to try to include at least one photo of each outfit, because this girl has incredible fashion sense! She is also super sweet and quiet, but don't let that fool you, because she can work the camera!

I loved this outfit, and we got some incredible movement shots here. I wish I could add them all! I do have a series of them on my instagram though! If you aren't following, you should! @sdurick 

This outfit was so great! I have to share more than one. LOVE that pink! And she looks amazing in it! 

Loved this outfit as well! (Who am I kidding, I loved them all! lol) She looks so sophisticated and I always love getting a shot from this angle! 

Water and smoke are always so much fun and add a uniqueness to your photos. I love the white dress with the pop of pink smoke.

So yes, you counted right, Savannah came ready for variety with 9 outfits! Did I mention that outfit changes aren't limited to just a couple on my shoots? Heck no! I am all about showing your style, and giving you a variety of photos to choose from! No outfit limits here! Ready to book your session? It's a great time! Class of 2024 I am still booking spring photos and Class of 2025, I am both booking summer/Fall sessions and getting ready to launch my next VIP team! If you want to be a part of that just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, school and email or phone number so I can send you the link to sign up when it's time! 

It's time to sign up for our VIP Senior Photo experience! Indiana Senior pictures

 It is time class of 2024! Who wants an amazing senior photo experience? You won't find one just like this one anywhere around here! We focus on loving yourself first, flaws and all, then photograph so that inner beauty shines! You have the opportunity to make new friends, create bonds with others who think and feel the way you do. And so many fun photo shoots! Sign ups have begun and spots are limited so don't wait! Go to to sign up! 

Here is a quick video of what it's like ...

Cover Model Contest



It is time for our annual cover model contest! Who will be the next face of Shawna Marie Photography's SENIOR Magazine? YOU can help decide! On Tuesday January 12th voting will begin on my Instagram stories. If you are not following me on instagram, you're going to need to do that first! Http:// Then follow my stories tomorrow and click vote on the face that you think should grace the cover of this year's Magazine! Here is a preview of who's in the running!



Shawna Marie Photography : Best of Hancock County

Shawna Marie Photography has been nominated as Best Photographer in Hancock County!
Voting begins today at ! If you love my pics, I would love it if you go vote! Photographer is the very last category at the bottom of the page! ❤ Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time!

Class of 2022 Greenfield Central High School Senior | Brynn

Brynn is on my class of 2022 Senior VIP team. She upgraded to my ELITE VIP option which means she got my VIP (normally $650 session) with hair and makeup and she will get a gorgeous signature album and a complimentary cap and gown session at the end of the year plus all of the other things that come with being on my team. These images are a few from her main session, plus her sneak video! Brynn had such a fun shoot. She had several outfit changes and looks and wasn't afraid to be a little different. Her dad is big time into Green Day, so the end of her shoot, she punked out and did some shots for him. They might be my favorite! lol But honestly, I love SO many from this shoot it's hard to pick... Good luck mom and dad;)

If you want your own amazing and unique senior session, I still have a few spots left this summer and fall, but don't wait, because they are going fast! Call or text 317-319-6045 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info and to book yours!

Class of 2023 I'm looking for you!

In this day and age when there is such a disconnect in relationships, a time when kids only know how to talk to each other through text, when face to face relationships have all but been replaced, I want to put that connection and those relationships back into their lives. Every year I have a team of seniors (who start the 2nd half of their junior year) who want to be part of a family, make new friends, form new relationships, take pictures that bring their confidence levels up and just have fun together.It's a whole senior photo experience that starts with a raw beauty shoot and then consists of a full group themed session, a mini group session that they plan, their own personal senior session and some other perks along the way, like the chance to earn a destination session, and with options to upgrade to include a cap and gown shoot or a shoot with their best friends ...If you are class of 2023 and you'd like to be a part of this, just DM your email address!Applications are coming soon! You don't have to be the prettiest, funniest, tallest, shortest, most athletic or have the largest social following. you just have to be YOU and one of the first 16 girls to accept your spot.This group is for everyone, so don't be afraid to fill out an application. It does cost money, but if you are going to shoot with me anyway, you get a lot more for your money out of this experience. It's priceless! Don't be the one watching your friends later and wishing you'd done it! Send me that DM!If you're seeing this, please share as FB makes it hard to get the word out! This video includes girls from several different groups, and some sound quality is off, but the message is important! We need to hear what these kids are saying! ❤

Class of 2023 you can email you me your email address if you'd like to be the first to know when applications come out! It will be the end of this month! Just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yes! I photograph guys too! | Indianapolis Senior Pictures

I get asked this question frequently, and I know I share much more girl stuff than guy stuff, but that's because more girls LOVE having their pics taken. Guys mostly do it for mom! But I LOVE taking senior guys pics, and they all end up having a good time by the time we are done ... even if mom had to drag them here to start! To make your experience the best it can be, let's incorporate your hobbies! I can always come up with fun sports shots, and cars/trucks? My fave! If you tell me what you're interested in, I will find a way to incorporate it! My own son is a senior this year, and computers and video games are his thing ... I haven't done a session like that yet, but I have been thinking and thinking and can't wait to make him play! ha! He's not thrilled either, but we will have a good time! In the mean time, here are a few (er a lot ) of my favorite guy shots!  Sorry, it was hard to narrow down! SO, GUYS (Or Guys MOMS) if you haven't booked yet, what are you waiting for? Shoot me an email or give me a call or text! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 317-319-6045


Shawna Marie Photography | Senior Model VIP program

Hey all! I am in the middle of crazy season "aka Fall" so my blog is, as usual, way behind. I wanted to share a bit about my senior model or VIP program though. I am getting close to looking for my 2020 group and I know there are a lot of questions! My model group is really more of a VIP experience than your typical senior rep deal. My girls do pay to be in my program. The only REQUIREMENT you have to fulfill for me is to sign a model release so that I can share your photos.  The main point of this is to be a part of a really cool, fun group, get extra themed shoots, try to give back to the community a little and just have a FUN experience being pampered and treated like a model. Can you do more? YES! I do have some incentives (like a super fun destination shoot) that you can earn, and my girls get cash for referrals as well, but you do not HAVE to do anything or  get a certain amount. It's all up to you on what you want to earn! We also make a super fun magazine that gets placed in local businesses, shared with every client who inquires about a session and every girl on my team is featured in it and gets one of their own to keep. My girls are also encouraged to write an article/story/howto  or something of interest to them that will be published in the magazine as well if they like.  We have a really good time and it's a great chance to find some new friends as I take girls from many different schools. I'm going to share a few photos from this year's team shoots. Our destination for those who earned it this year was Chicago (I or the girls pick a few places and everyone votes, so who knows what we will do next!) Check these photos out, and if you are even the slightest bit interested in joining my class of 2020 team, just go here and fill this out! All that will happen is I will email you a link to the application when it comes out! If you want to join you can fill it out and submit! I only take 15 girls, so there is a selection process, but the sooner you apply, the better your chances!

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Class of 2019 Senior Elexus | Indianapolis Senior Photographer

Elexus came in at the end of summer for her senior session. She did my VIP session, so we had some really great variety! We did a couple in my home studio, then we hit up the local library, her high school, an old abandoned train, a friend's house with a great pond, Falls park and downtown Fortville! We crammed a TON in and had a blast doing it! She started out getting her makeup done by my hair and makeup artist, Amy. Then we did her studio shots with a messy bun. After that, Amy finished up her hair and we took off for the rest of our session. At our 2nd to last stop, we had water, and even though she knew we had one more place to go, she got all in and even soaked her hair ... a little scrunching and it was gorgeous for her next location as well! Here are a couple of photos from our day, and then if you want to see the full session, you can watch her video on my You Tube channel!  Be sure to subscribe while you're there!

If you're ready for your session, I am booking class of 2019 Spring sessions and I am booking 2020 summer and Fall sessions plus taking emails to get on my list of people to email about my VIP Model team that will go out in Jan/Feb. Email me to book your session or get on the list! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Class of 2020- It's time for me to choose a new VIP model team!

So you've been watching all my girls the last few years and always wondered how you could do this too? Well now is your chance! I am looking to fill 15 or 16 spots on my class of 2020 senior VIP team! WHY would you want to be on my team?
  1. We have a blast!
  2.  You will make awesome new friends from different schools!
  3.  You get 4-6  photo shoots for less than my top Senior session!
  4.  If you do your session early, a portion of your fee will go straight to your photo order!
  5. Unlike most Rep teams, you do not HAVE to do any sharing or pimping me out. You do have to sign a model release so *I* can share your photos, but that's IT!  I'm not saying you won't want to ... but you don't HAVE TO!
  6. You can earn a super fun destination session AND cash! This year my team voted on Chicago. Where will you want to go? Team votes!
  7. You get to be in (and possibly on the cover) of my annual magazine! These are distributed all over town and the digital version is sent to every single senior photo inquiry I receive. You can see last year's HERE!
Here are a few of my favorites from our group shoots this year! I can not wait to see what we come up with next!  If you would like to be a part of my team, applications are going out this SUNDAY (January 27th) Early bird apps are going out SATURDAY (Jan 26) to get an earlybird app email your best email address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text 317-319-6045 or DM on any of my social media by FRIDAY Jan 25!

Hayleigh | Rushville Consolidated High School Class of 2019

One of my favorite senior products, and definitely a favorite among my senior clients is my custom senior book. About 90% of my seniors walk away with one of these! They are all custom designed specifically for each kid, so none of them are exactly the same. Hayleigh is one of my class of 2019 seniors that just recently finished up her ordering session. I love her book and wanted to share it with you! Also, a few of my favorite images from her session!